Louis Chevrolet


In 1887, the family moves to Beaune, France. Louis is now 8 years old. He becomes a bicycle mechanic and participates in competitive cycling. It is during this period that he meets the billionaire American Vanderbilt who offers Louis work in the USA.

However, he continues his French tour by working in the Darracq automobile factories in Paris. Louis eventually decides to leave and after passing through Quebec in 1900 he arrives on American soil and works at De Dion Bouton America in New York.

In 1905, Louis Chevrolet starts his career at Fiat. It is with this brand that he wins his first race. The following year he beats the One-Mile record behind the wheel of a Darracq.

William Durant, CEO of the Buick group, takes notice of his feats and gives him the opportunity to participate in the development of the Buick Bug.

In 1909, after winning many popular races, he becomes the second-best driver in the American Championship.

The Chevrolet Motor Company of Michigan is created on November 3, 1911. It is under this emblem that the luxurious Classic Six sedan is launched, forever remembered in America as a marvel of innovation of its time.

Louis takes advantage of a European voyage to retrace his childhood footsteps. Upon his return to the States and following a disagreement, he cedes his shares and the Chevrolet name to his associate, William Durant. Faithful to his motto "Never give up", he creates in 1914 his own race car with his Frontenac team.

This innovative car, due to its power and lightness of its aluminum construction, brings both glory and death to his brother, Gaston, posthumously crowned champion of America.

After the death of his brother, Gaston, Louis recovers his passion for mechanics. In 1921, he founds with his brother Arthur the "Chevrolet Brothers Manufacturing Company", a firm developing motors for the automobile and aircraft industries.

As the 1929 economic crisis spreads, Louis gives up the business to his brother and finds work at the Chevrolet factory in Detroit.

Battered by illness and the loss of family members, he passes away on June 6, 1941. He is buried in the public cemetery in Indianapolis where a memorial is now erected to honor the extraordinary man whose life and work marked American history forever.

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Louis Chevrolet