Zannetti Watches


Zannetti has inherited an important commitment, which is based on a constructive, conceptual and uncompromising philosophy. The technological excellence of its timepieces, along with the precise hands of skilful watchmakers and craftsmen, contributes in creating unique and highly distinguishing Zannetti examples

The next best thing to an exclusive Zannetti wrist watch is another Zannetti timepiece

Sometimes in your life, on tv, on video, on internet you have certainly seen stupefying computer images flowing inside sensational watches. You have seen dials designed by computer, projected machines, refined cases and movements, you have only seen a computer... If you want see a computer, stop reading and do something else! We will show you, men, their work, their dials, their cases and the way in which the "no" electronic brain is able to turn into precious and unique the only important thing you have: your time...

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Zannetti Watches