Birdcage music automaton

Symbol of baroque joy of life with an organ movement

Can a baroque birdcage be harmonious with the 21st century? The answer is a clear and compelling “Yes”. Yes, it preserves equilibrium with today’s hurried and increasingly introverted world. A world ever more oriented towards material gain, where gaiety becomes a mere superficial facade that cannot touch the heart.

How different was the sensual, baroque joie de vivre. In bygone days, people gratefully filled their lives with meaning, coaxing the senses with charm and artistic sensuality. The desire to have beautiful, harmonious things around was as well, the growing hallmark of an artistic soul. This was the heyday of musical automatons.

In the mid 18th century, a number of craftsmen developed a very high artistic and technical standard which nowadays can at best only be surpassed by exceptional quality of material and durability.

However, creating music automatons required not only skilled hands but also comprehensive, specialised knowledge. One type of music box – rare even in those days – consisted of a birdcage with a small mechanical pipe organ and a mechanical animated bird. Superficially, the singing bird from our clockworks appears identical to a baroque original. Every hour, this strikingly beautiful birdcage music box plays a cheerful baroque-style melody and beguiles the spirit.