Table organ clocks

Mixture of classical clockmaking and organ building

The musical organ clocks are the defining signature product of the Naeschke clockworks. In 1984 Matthias Naeschke started building a small series of musical table clocks as the first product from the newly founded clock manufactory. Today, the table organ clocks are still an integral part of our catalogue collection.

Fully glazed cabinets allow free insight into the complex mechanism of the clocks that provide a unique mixture of classical clockmaking and organ building. Mounted in a confined space we find complete mechanical clockworks and an organ mechanism, which is similar in basic construction to that which is found in many church galleries.

Entirely mechanical organs

Organ pipes made of tin or wood observed within the context of the organ clock establishes that this is an exceptional timepiece. On the hour, the organ clock first strikes on a bell and then the organ is set in motion. An eccentric action-rod pumps air into the bellows. The music barrel is driven and sensed by the claves of the keyboard. And now delicate tones emerge and fill the room with harmony and joy. 17 or 26 pipes offer a variety of sensitive ways to arrange the music.

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