Backes & Strauss Piccadilly Princess Royal Blue

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Product Details
Case Size: 37 mm
Color: white
Material: gold
Manufacturer: Backes & Strauss
Movement: quartz
Shape: round
Strap / Bracelet: emeralds


The Piccadilly Princess Royal Blue is a truly magnificent jewellery watch set with 245 diamonds weighing 37.60cts and presented in a variety of exquisite diamond cuts to create a timepiece that is not only unique, but truly spectacular from any angle.But why, you might ask, is this luxury diamond watch called 'the Royal Blue' when every diamond that adorns it is as clear as the water from the highest mountain stream? The answer is that, in the history of gemmological expertise, diamonds of the purest colour were traditionally called 'Bleu Blanc' in reference to the fact that their extreme clarity made them almost blue to the eye -much like untainted Arctic ice.



Size: 37 mm
Case & Dial: 18kt White Gold fully set, 65 white diamonds
Bracelet: 18kt White Gold set, 180 diamonds
Hands: Sword-shaped hands
Display: Hours & Minutes
Total carats: 245 diamonds, ten different cuts - 37.60cts

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