In an atelier near Paris, Bernard Richards works in great secrecy on this art handed down through his family. Day and night, with his coworkers, he turns and assembles pieces with the most complex appearance, those that others do not know how to shape anymore. The giants of the luxury sector and of watchmaking call on him. In the utmost discretion of course.

For Bernard Richards, luxury is “attention to technical details and perfection at every stage”.

Made in Vexin, France

Made in Vexin, France


No stamped cases with built-in lugs, but rather separate machining of each component, which is what makes it so difficult to affix the lugs by screwing them onto the case. In this way, different combinations of colours and materials are possible (black titanium case with polished stainless steel lugs/grey titanium case with polished stainless steel lugs).

The cases are machined in bars of titanium 3m long, while most other watchmakers use a single stamping press to adjust a piece 16-18mm deep. This technical virtuosity can be expressed in figures, with a case being made up of 18 different components, while a standard case would have only two or three.