At Grenon’s we pride ourselves on hunting down the most interesting pieces from around the world. Once again, Grenon’s is the first in the country to introduce an exciting new brand to the market, Behrens. We find their uniqueness and quality for the price are really special.

The story of BEHRENS started back in 2012. The name BEHRENS is to tribute to the legendary German architect as well as known as an industrial designer, “Peter Behrens” (1868-1940) who was a pioneer of products’ design. During the 1st few years, the brand was not as it is now, it was only producing simple hours, minutes display timepieces with ordinary simplicity theme wristwatches designs. Then back in 2016/2017 when few other watch-lovers from different regions met together and started discussing about the possibilities of creating new mechanism and to bring these ideas into reality, they started designing and developing various types of mechanical modules via our small production facility incorporate with using CNC machines and 3D printing technology.

After about a year of development, they finally came up with two satellite time display modules that they have adopted to earlier models, ‘Astronomer’ and ‘Space Traveler’, which were a breakthrough for the brand as they finally managed to jump out from the traditional hands’ type time indication. It was also a new era for BEHRENS as they have found our new brand direction for the future.

Since then, the brand has been focusing on designing and developing various types of mechanical modules giving their timepieces uniqueness for time display. 2 years after they have successfully launched their satellite time display collections (Astronomer & Space Traveler), they have continued with their modules’ development and launched 2 new collections, coded ‘Apolar’ and ‘Rotary’ back in 2020. With ‘Apolar’ collection newly developed with a unique and all-new designed mechanism called the ‘Moon Track’ which allows the orbit of the Moon to be shown and displayed in relation to the globe which acts as a Day/Night indication on the dial. Whereas for Rotary collection which was based on the Rotary automotive engine that was used on the 787B Le Man’s race winner in early 90s. This collection was inspired by the motion of this engine as concept and turned the twin rotaries into time display for hours and minutes. One of the milestones was these 2 concept watches managed to become annual GPHG 2020 nominees.

BEHRENS didn’t just stop there but continue with their further development for unique timepieces. In 2021, they have for the 1st time in the watch market, launched a special limited-edition timepiece, ‘Mars Project One’ to tribute the human’s exploration journey to the Mars. This timepiece feature for the 1st time a double twin rollers time display function to display the time on Earth and Mars. This collection has brought them to the next level of watchmaking, allowing them to be more well-known in the watch market for what we can do.

In 2022, they have continued with upgrading their skills and designs by the launching of a few new models which includes the PERIGEE, an all-new collection featuring their 1st in-house manual wind movement, a power source to the unique time display via a rubies chain system and an accurate Moon Track system (2nd generation).

At Behrens, their focus is simply to bring our design concepts and philosophies, and turn them into realities via their own 6,000sq. meters manufacturing and production facilities. With their skilled engineering and watchmaking team alongside with high-precision machineries, they are capable to make their design into reality by modifying each mechanical movements adopted. Each of their mechanical wristwatches offers unique complications for the joy of modern time telling machines.

All their watches are designed and developed in-house by their young team to bring all new ideas of wristwatches to the modern market.