Alexander Shorokhoff is an artist. You can tell right away by looking at his collection that he does things differently. Using various colors and shapes, Mr. Shorokhoff uses the watch as his canvas and draws inspiration from old Russian novelists to ancient cultures. His pieces truly are, “Art on the Wrist”.

Rather than the usual assembly line method of manufacturing, each Alexander Shorokhoff watch is built top to bottom by one watchmaker. This way each watchmaker takes a sense of ownership with each piece. At the end of this process the watchmaker then hand writes a page in your warranty booklet showing the timing results and quality control checks. This gives you an intimate connection with the actual watchmaker that built your watch! When you look at the engravings and other handmade details of each Shorokhoff watch, you will be hard pressed to find a better value in the industry!

Alzenau, Germany

Made in Alzenau, Germany



Priced from $1,300, these pieces represent the colorful world of Alexander Shorokhoff and offer a tremendous value! Inspired by Russian and European art and culture,
the Avantgarde-collection continues with the tradition of Avantgarde-art with individual, matchless and artful designs of wristwatches.



Starting at $4,200 these pieces feature more intricately engraved movements and dials with more classic designs.
The Heritage collection is dedicated to the Russian art and cultural heritage of the 19th century.