The oldest diamond company in the world, Backes & Strauss have been masters of diamonds since 1789. Whereas most watch companies use lower quality diamonds since they are so small, Backes & Strauss uses only ideal cut diamonds that are all colorless and VVS clarity or internally flawless no matter how small. The crown, the bezel, even the buckles have been meticulously crafted so their diamonds sparkle like no other.

Backes & Strauss was the premier supplier of the highest quality diamonds to some of the most known and prestigious watch and jewelry houses in the world. While working with Franck Muller, they decided to collaborate on an exclusive collection featuring Franck Mullers watchmaking expertise with the style and quality of the house of Backes & Strauss. The end result is nothing short of spectacular!

Made in Genthod, Switzerland

Magellan 1518 Collection

Backes & Strauss