Longcase organ clock with 17 pipes

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Longcase organ clock with 17 pipes

Design in the style of English Grandfather clocks

This model is designed in the classical style of the English Grandfather clock. It is not immediately apparent that it is an organ clock – but we are pleasantly surprised when it starts to play pipe-organ music immediately after the hour has struck.

Underneath the hood of this clock is a complete organ movement that is driven by a falling weight working to a solidly constructed mechanism. The bellows sits behind the movement and the wind chest and pipes are mounted on a frame above the timekeeping and organ movements.

The organ - a science in itself

All parts of the organ mechanism are made in the finest traditions of craftsmanship. Only traditionally aged and well-seasoned wood is used. The barrels and other wooden parts are further seasoned over several years to be sure that no distortion will occur to their exacting dimensions.

The knowledge of treating the wood and how to use this natural material is a carefully held secret of our team of specialists.

Technical features of the longcase organ clock with 17 pipes


  • Power reserve 8 days / 15 releases of the organ
  • Weight drive with pulley
  • All brass parts are mirror polished
  • Main plates of 4 mm brass and 4 solid pillars
  • Compensation pendulum beating seconds
  • Hour strike on a bell


  • Weight drive with pulley
  • All brass parts are mirror polished
  • Main plates of 4 mm brass and 4 solid pillars
  • After release the organ plays 30 seconds of music
  • There are 6 tunes pinned on the barrel
  • The music changes automatically or manually on every release
  • A mute lever for the music is fitted


  • Enamel dials on a hand-engraved base dial
  • Finely cut classical shaped gilded hands
  • A sub dial for the mute lever is fitted

Clock case

  • Cherry wood available in various colours
  • The side panels are covered with fine fabric to let the sound out


  • Height x width x depth: 205 x 48 x 35 cms


  • We offer an automaton either with figures or animals
  • There are various possibilities for engravings on the brass dial
  • We offer hand-painted dials in the typical Black Forest style
  • The dial can be painted like aged
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