Longcase skeleton clock NL 400 SQ

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The subtle art of omission

To show the entire mechanism and the quality of a handmade clock, it is preferable to make it visible as far as possible. With the longcase clock NL 400 SQ there are large cutouts in the main plates. When skeletonizing the plates, the clockmaker can leave only as much material on the movement as is necessary for a safe operation of the clockwork. At the same time, intricate and aesthetic forms and curves naturally emerge and develop.

Fascinating insights into complex mechanics

Where does the power come from and where does it go? How is a strike generated? Which wheel engages in which pinion? These mysteries can be clearly answered by our longcase clock NL 400 SQ in an inimitable way. Even if the exploration of the mysteries should take a little longer, the clock NL 400 SQ with a power reserve period of four months is well prepared.

The chapter rings consist of solid and hand engraved sterling silver. The double-ended seconds hand turns once in two minutes. Two driving weights, each in a 12-cornered, gilded brass casing, provide the driving energy for the movement. A compensation grid-iron seconds pendulum hangs in the middle of the rear main plate and has a fork that extends upward through the suspension.

Solitaire for sophisticated ambiance

This movement has our elegant, in-house designed striking mechanism which allows remarkable accuracy. This is possible as this strike mechanism has a very low power requirement.

A high-quality wooden cabinet is a protective shell as well as a decorative element and makes the clock NL 400 SQ to be a solitaire for a sophisticated ambiance.

Technical features of the longcase clock NL 400 SQ


  • Matthias Naeschke caliber 400
  • Power reserve 125 days (4 months)
  • Weight drive with pulley
  • Skeletonized main plates of 4 mm brass and 5 solid pillars
  • All brass parts are mirror polished and gilded
  • Pinions and arbors hardened and polished
  • Dead-beat “Naeschke” escapement with round ruby pallets
  • Compensation pendulum beating seconds
  • Matthias Naeschke rack strike mechanism
  • Strike on the half hour and hour on a bronze bell
  • 14 precision ball bearings, 10 ruby bearings


  • Hand-engraved chapter ring of 1.5 mm sterling silver
  • Indication of seconds
  • Flame-blued hands

Clock case

  • Cherry wood with a special “Matthias Naeschke” red stained satin varnish
  • Despite the red varnish, the wood structure is still visible
  • Different wood types and colours are available
  • Glass frames in gold or silver colour
  • 6 bevelled glasses
  • Marquetry of mother of pearl and yewwood


  • Height x width x depht: 206 x 42 x 23 cms


We offer different possibilities for individualization. The movements can be refined in yellow gold, rhodium or rose gold. The wooden cases can be adapted to existing interior fittings.

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