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Case Size: 45mm
Color: red
Material: stainless steel
Manufacturer: louis moinet
Movement: automatic
Shape: round
Strap / Bracelet: leather

This unique creation by Louis Moinet enshrines an extraordinary

spaceborne adventure. The collection features a genuine Mars meteorite

fragment in a capsule at the three o’clock position, amid a dial that

faithfully reproduces the surface of Mars, complete with its legendary


Collectors who are also astronomy buffs will have no difficulty in

recognising Olympus Mons in the centre, Ascraeus Mons between 1 and 2

o’clock, Pavonis Mons between 4 and 5 o’clock, and Arsia Mons between 5

and 6 o’clock. To create this Martian landscape, the brass dial has

undergone expert craftsmanship, with each crater reproduced


The Mars piece features three different sets of openwork – on the hour

markers, on the dial, and on the lugs and vertical bridges – giving the

timepiece a uniquely three-dimensional aspect.

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