Medallion Pendant

Unique, distinctive, and magical – that’s the first Paul Forrest Co collection.

Heart’s Passion® is a rare gem , an extraordinary and unique fusion of the art of fine Swiss craftsmanship and exquisite 18K luxury jewelry. At the core of our Heart’s Passion® pendant collection lies a tiny hidden (except on skeletal styles) meticulously hand crafted 42 jeweled mechanical marvel built in Fleurier, Switzerland. This rare one-of-a-kind masterpiece magically breathes life with an 8- hour power reserve into a poetic “heartbeat” of diamonds or rubies evoking a sense of wonder and magic engaging the senses. Much like a music box this captivating creation is brought to life by the “key to your heart”, which doubles as the clasp for the chain.

Heart’s Passion is an experiential jewel. It’s a love story!

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