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Product Details
Case Size: 40mm
Color: black
Complications: none
Material: stainless steel
Manufacturer: XYZ
Movement: automatic
Shape: square
Strap / Bracelet: leather
Water Resistant: 50m

The “Lucky 8” is a tribute to the lucky number 8 from the Chinese culture many people attribute meaning to.

A central feature of this watch design is a special emphasis on the date. The date numeral appears in the window highlighted in yellow, across from the respective day of the month. These markers are located on a specially provided inner ring underneath the dial.

Three days of the month were deliberately accentuated on the display: The 8, 21 and 31. The 21 represents luck, particularly when thinking of Black Jack and actually refers to the number 8. It emphasizes double luck in China. That is why the watch’s name is “Lucky 8”. The 31st calendar day occurs exactly 7 times a year. That’s why its spot is marked with a question mark on the outer dial. Bearing that in mind will help you reset the date as needed.

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