Steampunk Victorian

Steampunk Victorian
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Case Size: 42mm
Color: gray
Material: steel
Manufacturer: schaumburg
Movement: manual
Shape: round
The SteamPunk models take a special place at Schaumburg Watch. This is due to the uniqueness and individuality of the series. We do not take over prefabricated ideas that exist like sand at the sea. We do not pursue a constant and constantly repeating design. Certainly reason enough to realize a new idea the SteamPunk Victorian. Designed in the style of the Victorian era, i.e. the industrial revolution.
The style elements of the dial side are influenced by original movement parts. For the second at 6 o'clock, we have converted a real movement anchor. Other stylistic elements are minute wheels, hour wheels, pinions, all original movement parts.
The case is thermally treated several times and sandblasted to get this dark grey/brown color. The movement plate and the Schaumburger bridge are dark rhutenium plating. The handcrafted SteamPunk Victorian is an exciting wristwatch on which there is a lot to see...not only the time.
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