Table organ clock with 26 pipes

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Table organ clock with 26 pipes

First organ clock model

This organ clock is the first design of Matthias Naeschke. Its base construction was made in the early 1980s and has been progressively improved and modernised. Today, after more than thirty years, this table clock is still fascinating with its big rich sound of the 26 wooden pipes and the listener has the impression that there are many more pipes playing.

Owing to its wide range, this organ table clock offers extensive musical possibilities for interpretation. It is an outstanding piece of craftsmanship that is visible through bevelled glass panes in a perfectly finished case. The true heart of each organ clock of our clockworks is the music barrel. Pinned with six music compositions, it fills the room with a piece of high standing musical culture and harmony. Listeners with musical understanding will find that they rediscover this music, even after frequent exposure to its subtle harmonies.

Glass panels offer deep insights

Polished and faceted glasses of the large table clock mean it is possible for the viewer to observe each individual component and fathom its particular function. We can see where the air is drawn into the bellows as the music barrel interacts with the claves and how the whole, finely crafted mechanism works in its own mechanical harmony. Connoisseurs will discover how many different types of wood were required to build the various components of the organ.

The polished main plates, pinions, gears and the flame-blued screws fascinate and invite us to a journey with the eyes through the mechanisms of this beautiful clock. Each organ clock is bespoke according to customer specifications. Special requests, the choice of colors and music are usually discussed only on a visit to our clockworks in South Germany.

Technical features of the table organ clock with 26 pipes


  • Power reserve 14 days / 15 releases of the organ
  • Spring drive with two barrels
  • All brass parts are mirror polished
  • Main plates of 4 mm brass and 4 solid pillars
  • A constant-force Swiss lever platform escapement with is fitted
  • Frequency: 14.400 beats per hour
  • Hour strike on a bell
  • A mute lever for the music and strike is fitted


  • Spring drive with barrel and fusee
  • All brass parts are mirror polished
  • Main plates of 4 mm brass and 4 solid pillars
  • After release the organ plays 30 seconds of music
  • There are 6 tunes pinned on the barrel
  • The music changes automatically on every release
  • A mute lever for the music is fitted


  • Enamel dial
  • Finely cut classical shaped gilded hands

Clock case

  • Cherry wood available in various colours
  • Four faceted glass panes are fitted


  • Height x width x depth: 47 x 61 x 32 cms


Faceted glass panes replaced by wooden panels

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