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Technical masterpiece in an artfully completed form

Complications and high-quality materials in noble housing - so you could quickly and briefly get to the point, what makes this unique piece of a table clock from our manufactory. Both in clockwork and in the making of case and dials, we have really drawn all registers with this extraordinarily complicated timepiece.

Long runner with two dials

The extremely solid clockwork is a long runner with a 60-day reserve. The driving power is supplied by barrel and fusee. A Swiss lever platform with a screwed balance escapement and beating 14.400 per hour is the regulator. The clock has a motion work on either side of the main plates and therefore possesses two dials. The local time or home zone is displayed on a chapter ring around a world time display. A perpetual calendar with leap year display is integrated as well as the display of the calendar week and a power reserve display. On a second dial on the reverse side of the clock is another pair of hands. Here, the hour hand rotates in 24 hours.

This hour hand can be adjusted hourly latching and can thus be converted to a second time zone. This table clock combines in a limited space many useful functions which are needed for a good overview in a globalized and networked world. And of course with Matthias Naeschke it is purely mechanical.

The dials of this table clock are also unique and true masterpieces of engraving art. They consist of numerous parts and, as well as the case, revive elements of the Empire style. All chapter rings are made of sterling silver, sawn out by hand and worked with especially fine hand engravings. The surrounding decoration elements of the dials are executed as relief and give the dials an incomparable depth. On the dial with the second time zone is a very special relief. Here we have been inspired by the famous allegorical depictions of "Morning", "Noon", "Evening" and "Night" by the Dresden art professor Johannes Schilling from the years 1861-68. Originals are bronze castings on the north side of the Brühl Terrace in Dresden as well as copies of Elb Sandstone by the Schlossteichpark in the East German town of Chemnitz.

Noble case made of ebony

The case, also following the Empire style, consists of noble ebony, which nowadays is very difficult to obtain. Applications made of sterling silver set brilliant accents and underline the clear design idiom. Another refinement of this table clock case is hidden. A large, ball-bearing turntable is inserted into the base, whereby the entire housing floats almost invisibly 1 mm above the ground. This allows in no time to rotate the whole clock around its own axis. Thus it allows to change between the dial views quickly and without great effort, or to see through the faceted glass panes the highly polished and gilded movement at work.

Whoever possesses this clock has the certainty of preserving something unique. As an expression of our entire craftsmanship this complicated table clock is a piece of art perfected to last for generations and showing the beauty of fine mechanics.

Technical features of the table clock NT 2 special


  • Matthias Naeschke caliber 2
  • Power reserve 60 days (9 weeks)
  • Spring drive with barrel and fuse
  • 2 main plates of 4 mm and one main plate of 2 mm brass
  • 8 solid pillars
  • All brass parts are mirror polished and gilded
  • Pinions and arbors hardened and polished
  • Swiss lever platform escapement with screwed balance
  • Frequency: 14.400 beats per hour
  • 2 precision ball bearings, 16 ruby bearings


  • Perpetual calendar indicating the leap year in a little opening of the dial
  • World time display
  • Second dial with 24-hour division and adjustable hour hand for a second time zone
  • Calendar week display in a separate window
  • Power reserve indicator in a separate window
  • Dials with applied chapter rings made of hand-engraved sterling silver
  • Hand-engraved applications of sterling silver on both dials
  • Hands made of polished and flame-blued steel
  • Solid rhodium plated bezels

Clock case

  • Case made of ebony wood
  • Inlays of sterling silver
  • 4 glasses are fitted
  • Inserted in the base of the case sits a precision turntable


  • Height x width x depht: 35 x 27x 20 cms
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