Great longcase organ clock with 26 pipes

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Highlight of our music clock collection

This organ clock is the centerpiece of our collection. The arrangement of the pipes gives it the presentation of a small church organ and the wide musical scale from 26 pipes produces a very rich sound. The music of the barrel organ is transposed from well-known pieces of famous composers. In making this transposition it is possible to produce a fuller, grander sound and there is no restriction of the performing musician’s ten fingers.

The keyboard of the music mechanism is made entirely of metal. The barrel is constrained in a solid metal cage of brass plates secured with round steel struts. The organwork together with the clockwork, is located on an oak frame below the barrel construction. The bellows are positioned on top of the frame immediately under the housing hood of the clock.

Perfectly finished movement

The clock movement is perfectly finished and it is a shame that it is concealed behind the enamel dial with its beautifully shaped hands. It can only be seen by looking through one of the side doors. Highly polished wheels are in engagement with hardened, highly polished pinions. The massive frame is beautifully shaped with precisely crafted main plates and pillars. With a mute lever, it is possible to adjust whether the music and/or the bell strike is engaged. Should the organ clock be set to ‘Silent’, then only the soothing ticking of the seconds pendulum enters quietly into our consciousness.

Technical features of the longcase organ clock with 26 pipes


  • Power reserve 21 days
  • Weight drive with pulley
  • Main plates of 4 mm brass and 7 solid pillars
  • Precision ball bearings and ruby bearings in the gearing
  • All brass parts are mirror polished
  • Compensation pendulum beating seconds or a simple seconds pendulum
  • A rack strike system is fitted
  • Strike on every half hour on a bell
  • A mute lever is fitted


  • Weight drive with pulley
  • All brass parts are mirror polished
  • Main plates of 4 mm brass and 4 solid pillars
  • The whole organwork frame is made of brass and steel
  • After release the organ plays 30 seconds of music
  • There are 6 tunes pinned on the barrel
  • The music changes automatically on every release
  • A mute lever for the music is fitted


  • Slightly domed enamel dial
  • Finely cut classical shaped gilded hands

Clock case

  • Cherry wood available in various colours
  • 26 visible tin pipes


  • Height x width x depth: 228 x 58 x 35 cms


  • We offer a programming system for the music release
  • An 8 day clockwork (instead of the 21 day clockwork) can be fitted
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