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Striking longcase clock with four months power reserve

Our striking longcase clock NL 400 is the epitome of a luxurious and highly innovative clock. It engages aficionados of the highest clockmaking and enthusiasts of special technical finesse. Its persuasively harmonious design and extremely robust construction promises durability for many generations. This beautiful, gilded movement runs for a full four months.

Precision and perfection

The prerequisite for extended power reserve is an extremely consistent power transmission. The perfection and precision of the wheel engagement was therefore carried to extremes.

Fourteen ball bearings, 9 ruby bearings and large ruby pallets on the lever also have an important role. Our well-established Naeschke 5-rod compensating pendulum is used to control the rate. The main reason permitting the extended power reserve is our newly developed Naeschke striking mechanism, which requires only 50% of the energy of conventional mechanisms.

You can observe the striking mechanism and its bell from the front. Many prototype experiments were tested before the final decision was made on the shape and hence the pure and crystal clear sound of the silver-bronze bell.

There is a choice of two versions of the NL 400: A large chapter ring with an inner second scale or a small chapter ring with an outer second scale which puts more emphasis on the form of the mechanism.

Technical features of the longcase clock NL 400


  • Matthias Naeschke caliber 400
  • Power reserve 125 days (4 months)
  • Weight drive with pulley
  • Skeletonized main plates of 4 mm brass and 5 solid pillars
  • All brass parts are mirror polished and gilded
  • Pinions and arbors hardened and polished
  • Dead-beat “Naeschke” escapement with round ruby pallets
  • Compensation pendulum beating seconds
  • Matthias Naeschke rack strike mechanism
  • Strike on the half hour and hour on a bronze bell
  • 14 precision ball bearings, 10 ruby bearings


  • Hand-engraved chapter ring of 1.5 mm sterling silver
  • Indication of seconds
  • Flame-blued hands
  • Optionally available: Different dial size

Clock case

  • Nut wood in a satin varnish
  • Marquetry of nut rootwood
  • Different wood types and colours are available
  • 6 bevelled glasses
  • Glass frames in gold or silver colour


  • Height x width x depht: 206 x 42 x 23 cms


We offer different possibilities for individualization. The movements can be refined in yellow gold, rhodium or rose gold. The wooden cases can be adapted to existing interior fittings.

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