Longcase clocks

Longcase clocks and precision clocks

A combination of classic and innovative clockmaking technology

A number of different longcase clocks and precision pendulum clocks form our product range. Inspired by his work as a young clockmaker in England and the resulting contact with the local clocks left a lasting impression with Matthias Naeschke. However, to simply copy the style of the English clocks was not the intension of the skilled clock designer. Instead, he busied himself with the traditional clockmaking in connection with the modern possibilities of our times.

Thus Matthias Naeschke was the first to integrate precision ball bearings into a mechanical clock movement to reduce the friction and wear of a gear train to an absolute minimum. The manufactory’s own rack strike movement with a decreased weight fall and a special Naeschke escapement with circular ruby pallets are other outstanding examples of our innovations.

Unique in the world we nowadays offer a longcase clock with four years of power reserve (longcase clock NL 500) and a four months running striking clock (longcase clock NL 400). And some more highly finished movements form the basis for unique clocks that are developed and manufactured time after time upon special customer request.

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